Pennsylvania’s LIFE program, an alternative to Community HealthChoices (CHC), provides a comprehensive array of health and support services to qualified seniors who face health challenges that threaten their continued ability to live independently in the community.  LIFE, a joint Medicare/Medicaid program, provides a comprehensive, coordinated, hands-on approach that distinguishes the program from other options for Pennsylvania seniors.  LIFE provides all of the health care and support services that your LIFE care team of health professionals believes you need and most participants who are eligible for Medicaid or dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid generally pay nothing for these services.  LIFE is a community-based approach to meeting participants’ health care and other needs.  Today there are LIFE programs serving communities throughout Pennsylvania – with more programs becoming available to more seniors all the time.  Click here to locate the LIFE program in your area and click here to meet all of Pennsylvania’s LIFE programs.

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